21st September 2020

Laura Harvey Meet the apprenticeWith the recent launch of this year’s Our Health Heroes Awards, there is no better time to recognise the key supporting role our apprentices play across a diverse range of positions in healthcare organisations throughout the UK. And we want to introduce you to the next inspirational story in our online series ‘Meet The Apprentice’, in collaboration with Health Apprenticeships Standards Online, as we continue to gain an insight into this crucial route so many incredible people choose to take into working in the sector.

Please take a moment to read North Bristol NHS Trust, Healthcare Assistant apprentice Laura Harvey’s story here, and let’s help ensure we continue to celebrate the diversity of opportunity and value that all of our apprentices bring to the country today.

Furthermore, if you know of someone currently undertaking an apprenticeship in health or care like Laura, who we can help recognise and celebrate for their significant contribution within their organisation in the last twelve months, please nominate them today for Our Health Heroes ‘Apprentice of the Year Award’. This award shines a light on the bright stars of the future, those individuals who have not only gone above and beyond for their organisation, but act as advocates and ambassadors for apprenticeships as a route to healthcare careers, in both clinical and operational roles.

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