20th May 2020

NHS floral colour“My name is Claire and I love our NHS. You were there when I broke my knee. You were there when I could not breathe. You were there for my mum, my brother, my sister, my friends. You brought my niece and nephews safely into the world. And you were there to save my Dad’s life. You have shown me that not all heroes wear capes, and I will always be grateful and thankful to all of you, Our Health Heroes.”


There has never been a greater need for us to show our appreciation for the incredible work our NHS, health and care staff carry out across the UK, day after day, and the length and breadth of the nation have stepped up to recognise their efforts with a remarkable community spirit like never before.

With the upcoming Bank-Holiday weekend, and some slight easing of restrictions in certain parts, we know it is going to be tougher than ever to not be tempted to unwind in our usual celebratory British fashion. So we've teamed up with London based artist and graphic designer Claire Graham, to bring you a colouring-in competition with her inspired Spring poster designs for you to print and colour at home, continuing to combine the nation’s love for ‘Our Health Heroes’ and our NHS, whilst encouraging you to stay in and protect them all.

Finding the right way to express our admiration for ‘Our Health Heroes’ has taken many new forms. Thursday evening at 8pm is now firmly marked in our diaries, when we all take to the streets to show our gratitude with a resounding communal clap. Windows and houses are adorned with rainbows and messages of thanks and hope, after children and adults alike, have spent hours mindfully colouring, designing and decorating, in an attempt to some way play our part in offering personal support for the selfless work they do, whilst we continue to stay safe at home.

This outpouring of thanks has been acknowledged by our health and care colleagues as motivation for them to carry on, and whilst we have postponed this year’s Our Health Heroes Awards, to help the NHS with the task at hand, we want to continue to find ways to carry on the sentiment of the annual campaign.

We welcome you to enter the competition by colouring or decorating one of the below images in your chosen style and share a few sentences as to why you love our NHS, health, and care workers. We will then share the entries and accompanying messages on our Twitter and Instagram accounts over the coming weeks, which have a following of over 24,000 health sector employees and supporters.

The winning entries will be on display at Our Health Heroes Awards Ceremony in 2021, for over 200 guests from across the NHS and health and care sectors to see.

Download ‘Floral NHS’

Download ‘Our Health Heroes’

Download ‘Thank you Rainbow’

  • Terms and Conditions of entry

    Competition runs until May 31, 2020

    This colouring competition is open to UK residents only

    To enter the competition please colour or decorate your chosen design, being as creative as you like. This can be done by either printing the selected attachment off, and colouring with your chosen medium, or by using a digital programme on your device (phone/computer) to colour.

    To enter the competition please send a photo of your finished design, or a saved JPEG/PNG file image to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and please include the participants first name, age and location in the body of the email e.g. Matthew, 10, Sheffield, along with their personal message. This information will be used to identify the individual when we share the images on our social media channels. We will not keep this information for any longer than necessary.

    Our CEO will pick the winning entries based on age categories; age 6 and under, age 7-10, age 11-16 and 17+.

    Winning entries will be contacted by email after the close of this competition and included in our June newsletter and published on our website, as well as put on display at our 2021 Our Health Heroes Awards Ceremony, attending by over 200 sector colleagues and VIPs.

    By submitting an entry to this competition you give Skills for Health permission for your entry to be published via social media and our website, the right to use your name, age and location details as a means of identifying you via this means.

    You must check with your parent or guardian that they are happy for you to enter this competition based on the terms and conditions above. Sending an entry to this competition means that you accept these terms and conditions.

    NOTE Once you have submitted your entry please display it in your window for ‘Our Health Heroes’ to see (this is not a requirement).