30th January 2020

Image: ‘Outdated’ IT leaves NHS staff with 15 different computer logins.In a recent BBC news report, it was revealed that IT systems in the NHS are ‘so outdated’ that staff must log in to up to 15 different systems to do their jobs…

“Doctors can find themselves using different logins for everything from ordering x-rays and getting lab results to accessing A&E records and rotas. Too often outdated technology slows down and frustrates staff.”

The report explains that around £40 million has been set aside to help hospitals and clinics introduce single-system logins in the next year.  

Adam Brimelow, of NHS Providers, which represents managers, agreed wider IT systems needed investment, particularly in areas such as mental health, community services and ambulance trusts that often-involved remote working for staff.

But, what else could the NHS do to embrace digital technologies and reduce unnecessary administration time? Single sign in Skills for Health’s digital solutions, Realtime Rostering and LearnSpace is just one way that advanced technologies can support the workforce in being more effective and streamline processes.

By managing processes like staff rotas and training in one simple solution, managers and staff can readily access all the key information they need to run their organisation smoothly and efficiently.

Not only are outdated systems counter-productive to saving efficiency, it can also pose a security risk as it means managers need to work with several systems providers, have several different passwords, and ensure all systems consistently meet cyber-security protocols.

To limit the cyber risks relating to human error and system error, it’s first vital to understand the complex needs of the NHS, and the wide range of tasks that managers need to undertake to ensure patientcare is maintained to a high standard. From training, upskilling, apprenticeships and clinical activities, to rotas and payroll, we could go on!

Workforce and HR managers should look, wherever possible to streamline their digital solutions with experts who understand these nuances. The headline focusing on computer logins is just the tip of the iceberg in what needs to be done to effectively embrace digitalisation in the NHS.

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