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HEE Core Skills Training Survey

By Skills for Health | 21 October 2021

A survey asking NHS staff and learning leaders in England for the views on the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) experience has been launched by Health Education England (HEE).

The survey aims to explore the overall effectiveness of the CSTF, better understand the user experience, learning outcomes, and identify any gaps in the content. It also aims to understand if there are any barriers to its use and look at how statutory/mandatory training delivery can be made more consistent across England.

Emma Turner, Programme Lead, Enabling Staff Movement said: “This is the first time that we have undertaken such a comprehensive review of CSTF. We are very keen to build a picture of the user experience, what works well what could be done better. The survey will also give us some insight into whether the training offer provides all the resources that staff need and if it is aligned to the requirements of their roles, existing knowledge, and skills without unnecessary duplication. It will also help us identify any issues and opportunities for making the experience better for users.”

About the review of the Core Skills Training Framework

The review is seeking feedback from a variety of staff within organisations who undertake statutory and mandatory training (whether or not those organisations are aligned to the CSTF). The review has prepared two surveys to collate feedback across the healthcare landscape. NHS staff and human resource/learning and development leaders will be invited to take part in online surveys. If you would like any more information about the review, please contact enablingstaffmovement@hee.nhs.uk

Survey One – All Staff

This is open to all NHS staff to share their own perspectives on statutory and mandatory training. It has been prepared to understand views from across the NHS on statutory and mandatory training and how improvements can be made to support all staff working as part of the NHS. Take part and complete the survey here.

Survey Two – People Professionals

This is open for all People Professionals involved in, for example, Human Resources or Learning and Development, or those who are part of an organisation’s management team. They will be asked to share their views on alignment to the CSTF, the delivery of training, and how the framework could be improved. This survey should be completed by one individual from the organisation, on behalf of the whole organisation. Take part and complete the survey here.

The review will also be scheduling virtual focus groups to discuss statutory and mandatory training in further detail with People Professionals (for example, Human Resources/Learning and Development professionals, and those who are part of an organisation’s management team). If individuals would like to participate in one of the focus groups, they can sign up via the survey or by contacting HEE at enablingstaffmovement@hee.nhs.uk

The survey will close on Friday 19th November 2021.

Each healthcare employer is responsible for ensuring that their workforce completes the appropriate training to comply with national requirements. This is commonly referred to as “statutory and mandatory training”, and includes, for example, fire safety, information governance, and adult and child safeguarding training.
The Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) is used by healthcare organisations to help guide and standardise the focus and learning outcomes of key statutory and mandatory training skills for all NHS staff.
The CSTF provides minimum learning outcomes and supporting guidance for statutory and mandatory training in the healthcare sector. The aim of the CSTF is to ‘enable consistency in the core content of statutory/mandatory education and training, with 199 out of 221 NHS Trusts are currently aligned to a version of the CSTF.
The framework was written and launched by Skills for Health in 2013 and is updated annually. There are now two versions of the framework, a CSTF for England only, which will be in scope for this review, and a separate framework that can be used by all 4 nations of the UK, which is not in the scope of this review.

For any queries regarding the review, survey, or focus groups please contact enablingstaffmovement@hee.nhs.uk


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