Image: Wired logo.Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals used WIRED, the new web-based tool from Skills for Health, to help achieve the Trust target of 85% of staff completing all their relevant statutory and mandatory training. The target was met quickly and easily, saving the Trust time and money. Almost half of London NHS’s 200,000 workforce are now set up to use WIRED, achieving fast and accurate Training Needs Analysis.

“WIRED has proved that it could bring more effective management of statutory and mandatory training in our Trust. Individuals are taking ownership of their own training requirements and we are meeting local and national compliance standards. We are now the top rated London Trust for eLearning course completions.”

Frances Moss
Associate Director of Human Resources – Learning and Development


Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals (BCF), which employs around 5,000 staff, had set an ambitious target to raise its compliance rates from 60% to 85%. But existing data systems were not flexible enough to provide an accurate picture of staff training records, with some data being reported twice and duplication an unwelcome feature.

The Challenge

Data showed that the Trust’s compliance sat at 65%-70% for a long time without moving into the top quartile. The Trust realised it had to address the level of people taking up learning opportunities and find alternative options to deliver training in a flexible way. Additional related issues included:

  • Difficult to identify who needed what training and when
  • Difficult to target training where it is most needed
  • Inaccurate reporting with ‘double counting’ the norm, giving an overinflated picture of compliance
  • Low confidence in reporting of existing systems and accuracy of data

The Solution

Having heard positive reports about the powerful nature of WIRED including easy access via an icon on the desktop, BCF decided to approach the challenge on two fronts: using WIRED to provide fast, accurate data on who has received training, who has not and who needs training; and local eLearning modules to build capacity and as a cost-effective alternative to face to face training.

“BCF was one of the better Trusts in London for monitoring and reporting their compliance but like so many, found it difficult to get above 70% compliance. WIRED gave them the injection they needed to consistently produce simple, accurate and easy to access reports that the board, line managers and staff needed. Now BCF can confidently drive compliance up to 95%, with staff and line managers taking responsibility.”

Daniel Elkins
Programme Director, NHS London

Key benefits and features of WIRED

  • Faster, reliable report production
    • Reduces time spent developing compliance reports – now available to BCF in minutes instead of hours
    • Instant reports available as evidence of regulatory compliance.
  • Higher levels of compliance
    • BCF compliance increased from 65% in April 2012 to 85% in August 2012
    • Compliance has been consistently at or above 80% since August 2012
    • Contribution to enhanced patient safety.
  • Train only the staff that need it, when they need it
    • Staff automatically authenticated to use WIRED using WINDOWS credentials, for easy desktop access
    • Reduced duplication of training
    • Reduced operational costs (reducing ‘avoidable waste’).
  • Significant cost savings
    • WIRED is set up in one day and available to entire workforce over intranet – no extra IT burden or costly systems specialists
    • BCF identified over £500k can be saved each year
    • Achieved by reducing time out and cover arrangements for staff to attend face to face training
    • Potential savings to lower NHS Litigation Authority premiums.
  • Ushered in a compliance culture
    • BCF has seen a culture change with greater ownership of training
    • Staff can view compliance reports and own training records in a couple of clicks, with results in moments
    • Individuals can manage their own training with only latest data shown for a more accurate picture
    • Line managers can take responsibility and be accountable.

The combination of -Learning and being able to pinpoint accurately the status of individuals’ training records has made a huge difference to compliance rates for BCF. Using a traffic light system shows staff instantly where they are with their training.

Face to face training on the day takes seven hours for five key modules; the same training can be completed in two hours using eLearning, which also measures competence through online testing. This has enabled BCF to reduce the amount of face to face training whilst simultaneously driving up completion rates.

Results of WIRED installation at BCF

  • Within a few weeks, four live modules had grown to 10, offering flexible training at people’s fingertips and helping to drive up compliance rates
  • New system combined with eLearning has allowed the BCF to take it beyond learning, testing people’s competence and having a positive impact on patient safety
  • WIRED enables staff to plan their training in a long term way, and thereby minimising impact on patient care
  • Enabled highly targeted learning which takes account of staff role rather than generic training, so reducing duplication and ‘Do Not Attends’, maximising capacity
  • Projected to save costs equivalent to 15 WTE in a year
  • The Trust is now the top of all London hospitals for eLearning and fourth nationally on league tables published across the NHS.

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