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A ‘Day in The Life’ of an unsung hero, our healthcare support workers

11th June 2019 Written by Skills for Health
Our Health Heroes awards is all about recognising the unsung support workers of our healthcare system. Behind the scenes, there are thousands of dedicated people…

GP’s at breaking point – a new look at solving the primary care crisis

16th May 2019 Written by Andrew Lovegrove
Figures released and reported by the BBC last week show the first sustained fall in GP numbers in the UK for 50 years. As our population…

How to become a better digital leader

07th May 2019 Written by Zoe Amar
How often have you heard the term digital leadership recently? It seems to be everywhere. But what does it really mean? And what should we…

7 tips for making the most of your training budget

26th April 2019 Written by Cathy Gallagher
As training budgets get squeezed, you have to come up with ever more creative ways to develop your workforce and improve productivity.Check out our top tips…

Life-saving learning: How L&D can tackle today's key healthcare challenges

16th April 2019 Written by Totara
Anyone who has worked in the healthcare industry in recent years knows the immense challenges faced by this crucial sector. At the same time as…