05th March 2018 Written by Laura Moyler

Laura Moyler 21I started my apprenticeship in February 2017 I have been working within (MCH) Medway Community Healthcare. When I started I was told I would be doing a rotational apprenticeship within three different settings 5 months in each setting. I have worked 5 months within the children’s therapy team, 5 months within the Rapid Response Care management team and my last placement with the Dementia support crisis team all have been working within the community or in certain settings. I have been an Health and Social Care Assistant Apprentice within all teams. I have completed my Health and Social Care Level 2 Diploma within the Medway Community Healthcare services.

How did you find out about the Apprenticeship?

I found out about the Health and Social Care apprenticeship using an online website which are just for apprenticeships, I applied for one position however when I turned up for the interview day there were other services there which were offering different apprenticeships and this was where I decided I would prefer to do my Health and Social Care.

Why did you decide to complete an Apprenticeship?

I decided that I wanted to complete an apprenticeship because I wanted to better myself and my family’s life. I was no longer happy in my previous job role and thought I wanted a change. I thought that doing an apprenticeship was the best way for me to go about changing my career as I could work while learning and gain the skills I will need in a later job role once I had completed my course.

How has the Apprenticeship benefited you?

I believe this apprenticeship has benefited me loads, I have now finished my course and have gained my qualifications I have worked hard to get which has opened up a lot more opportunities for me. Also due to being paid whilst working it has helped me to keep going as I still have a family to provide for and I wouldn’t have been able to do this if there wasn’t any income whilst I was doing my course.

Did you come across any challenges/difficulties?

I have had quite a few challenges within my apprenticeship. My apprenticeship has been a rotational apprenticeship which means that I have been part of three different teams within Medway Community Healthcare (MCH) and spent 5 months with each team so I felt once I had got the hang of what was needed to be done I was getting ready to move to my next placement however it has opened my eyes to the different things that all professionals do. Also I have had to do all my coursework at home which sometimes became a struggle as I have two young children as well.

What are your future plans?

There are many opportunities which have now been opened up for me and in the future I would like to complete my level 3 in Health and Social Care and possibly do my nursing degree.

What advice would you give to future Apprentices?

The only advice I would possibly give is that sometimes it may get hard and stressful more so the coursework than the working side however you just have to keep thinking to yourself it’s worth it. At the end of all of this hard work you will be better off and have another qualification under your belt opening up more opportunities for yourself. Also remember to ask if you need help without worrying what people will think, they are there to help you.

What happened next?

I have now completed my course and hold my Health and social care Diploma Level 2.

I have also already been offered a job within the NHS working within an A& E department in my local hospital.