12th January 2017 Written by Skills for Health

Image: Information Governance Training.Don’t panic!

The NHS HSCIC Information Governance Training toolkit was decommissioned at the end of 2016.  Until a replacement is introduced, the issue remains: where can healthcare organisations find good quality Information Governance training?

Don’t worry, the Elearning team at Skills for Health are here to meet the needs of learning and development departments across the country. We understand your sector’s training requirements, and working with subject matter experts in the field, have produced a comprehensive Information Governance course that shines the spotlight on:

  • The importance of record keeping and why records should be kept securely
  • Understanding policy and why this supports the individual and organisation – not just another document to read.
  • Why information governance is important to all individuals and not just something they are told to do
  • Why social media is not the place to discuss work frustrations!
  • The bigger picture of why an individual’s actions can impact the whole organisation

Traditionally seen as a dry but necessary evil, Information Governance training (IG) hasn’t set learners on fire despite its very real, and very serious implications. With changes in the law allowing the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to force NHS authorities to be audited for compliance, ensuring your information governance procedure, is up to date, resilient and water-tight is more important than ever.

We can take the headache out of Information Governance

Information Governance is something we know you need to get right. Our training in this key subject area is engaging, effective, and can help you and your teams stay on top of best practices when it comes to confidentiality, data protection, and freedom of information requests. So don’t panic, and access our IG course here.

Why not check out our great Elearning portfolio, we have a whole suite of contemporary courses to meet all of your training needs.

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