20th November 2015 Written by Megan Sutton (elearning manager)

Image: Information Governance.In recent years Information Governance (IG) has become two words feared by health sector staff across the UK, sometimes only being mentioned when the annual refresh of training is due. With changes in the law allowing the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to force NHS authorities to be audited for compliance, ensuring your information governance procedure is-up-to-date and efficient is now more important than ever. This, however, is more easily said than done.

Must we do this again?

People run screaming at the idea that once again they will need to do a course that will tell them why they should not speak about a patient when others are in hearing range. Yet, breaches, such as the TalkTalk incident, show the impact that IG has on any sector and what goes wrong if you don’t adhere to a stringent procedure. Finding yourself within breach mitigation activities, especially in the health sector, vastly impacts your reputation and recognition of ability.

What can be done?

Making sure staff understand the importance of IG and what is expected from them is key. One way of achieving this is to ensure that your IG training is of the highest quality, combining engaging content, up-to-date information and input of long-standing experts in the field. This goes a long way to ensuring better running of IG within your organisation, and staff that don’t groan when those two words are mentioned!

Focus on Elearning!

The Elearning team at Skills for Health have taken up the mantle to find a way to meet the needs of the learning and development departments across the country, and remove at least some of the stigma that surrounds the subject.  After working with experts in the subject area, a shiny new course is now available so learning and development departments can avoid the stress and concern of IG by tackling:

  • The importance of record keeping and why records should be kept securely
  • Understanding policy and why this supports the individual and organisation – not just another document to read.
  • Why information governance is important to all individuals and not just something they are told to do
  • Why social media is not the place to discuss work frustrations!
  • The bigger picture of why an individual’s actions can impact the whole organisation

Access the IG course here. For an informal chat, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./0117 910 2286.

Download the full Elearning brochure here