10th November 2015 Written by Skills for Health

Image: Dementia Core Skills Education and Training Framework.

  1. Why have you developed the Framework?

    The Framework has been designed as a comprehensive resource to support the development and delivery of appropriate and consistent dementia education and training for the health and social care workforce. It sets out the essential skills and knowledge necessary for all staff and carers involved in the dementia care pathway from effective basic training to continuous professional and vocation development in dementia aimed at experts and those leading and influencing dementia services.

  2. How was the Framework developed?

    Development of the Framework was guided by an expert group comprising representatives of key stakeholders, including relevant Royal Colleges, health, social care and education sector organisations. A reference group was also established to include a wider range of organisations and individuals who wished to contribute to development of the Framework and to provide comments or feedback as part of the consultation process.  The development process included extensive desk research (to identify and review existing resources), consultation with the expert group and reference groups and the findings of an online consultation.

  3. Who is the Framework for?

    The framework is applicable to health and social care employers and also to educational organisations which train students who will subsequently be employed in the health and social care workforce.

    Those using the Framework are directed to core skills and knowledge for key subjects described in three tiers:-

    • Tier 1: raising dementia awareness, in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes for all those working in health and social care settings
    • Tier 2: knowledge, skills and attitudes for roles that have regular contact with people living with dementia
    • Tier 3: enhancing the knowledge, skills and attitudes for experts working with people living with dementia

    Staff at a personal and team level, subject matter experts, trainers, assessors of occupational standards, service managers, educationcommissioners and education providers are among those who will use theframework.  The Framework is designed to underpin the implementation of the Prime Ministers Challenge on Dementia 2020 and the 2015-16 Mandate from the Government to Health Education England.

  4. Where can I find the Framework?

    The Framework is hosted on the Skills for Health website:-

  5. How should the Framework be used?

    Practical applications of the framework for employer organisations include:

    • Identifying key skills and knowledge for roles and teams
    • Planning and designing content of education & training
    • Commissioning of education & training
    • Conducting training needs analysis

    The training, teaching and assessment methodology are not prescribed, enabling organisations and education providers to flex education and training solutions to suit the local context.

  6. How does the Framework relate to existing competency frameworks and qualifications?

    Each subject in the framework is cross-referenced to national occupational standards, components of regulated qualifications, and other relevant frameworks and guidance.

  7. What will the Framework achieve?

    The Framework aims to:

    • standardise the interpretation of dementia education and training
    • guide the focus and aims of dementia education and training delivery through key learning outcomes
    • ensure the educational relevance of dementia training
    • improve the consistency of education and training provision.

    A key benefit of establishing a core skills education and training framework is that as individuals move between roles or organisations, training that is aligned to the framework can be recognised to minimise the duplication or repetition of training. The framework also aims to support the increasing integration between health and social care services and their respective workforces. In particular, it aims to enable synergies such as improved communication, collaborative working and potentially providing opportunities for joint education and training.

  8. Will organisations be able to declare their alignment to the framework?

    Skills for Health will be developing tools to support organisations in mapping and declaring the alignment of their training to the framework. These tools will be available from the Skills for Health Tools Portfolio before the end of 2015.

  9. How will you know if the Framework has been successful?

    HEE working with DH have commissioned a formal longitudinal research project from Leeds Beckett University to evaluate the impact of dementia education and training on the care experience of people with dementia and their carers. This is due to be completed in July 2017.

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