13th October 2015 Written by Skills for Health

Image: Guardian round up.We have had a great year to date producing a variety of content for the Guardian Healthcare Network and are looking forward in continuing our partnership over the next 12 months producing content that meets your needs.

If you have any particular areas you would like us to cover or would be interested in guest writing for the Skills for Health Partnerzone then please do get in touch with us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – we look forward to hearing from you.

Interested in what we have done so far?

  1. Do you have what it takes to be a healthcare trailblazer?
  2. Online course aims to improve dementia care
  3. Five ways NHS staff can keep happy and healthy
  4. Personal health budgets: how can professionals help patients achieve their goals?
  5. The six most frequently asked questions about the care certificate
  6. Consultant contracts are not the only barrier to seven-day NHS services
  7. Breaking the glass ceiling for healthcare support workers
  8. Health and social care integration: care homes are part of the solution
  9. Revalidation changes: What nurses, midwives and their managers need to know
  10. Sorry isn't the hardest word, so why do we need the new duty of candour rules?
  11. Personal health budgets: let’s tackle the myths
  12. How NHS providers can address the challenges of a seven-day service
  13. Why the new care certificate is so important for the healthcare workforce
  14. Apprenticeships help build the health workforce of tomorrow
  15. Top five essential workforce development tools and resources for healthcare staff
  16. End of life care: is it time to end the taboo over discussing death?
  17. Assistant practitioners offer the chance for cost efficiency throughout the NHS
  18. Will 2015 be the year the healthcare sector improves on 'patchy' dementia training?
  19. Ten tips for healthcare leaders
  20. The support workforce will strengthen healthcare delivery – but who’s going to invest?
  21. E-learning can provide the easy access and flexibility that staff need
  22. How to grow and nurture the NHS workforce
  23. High quality patient care relies on well trained staff
  24. What I learned from a year of networking in the healthcare sector
  25. Preparing the healthcare workforce for seven-day working
  26. E-learning: 10 key questions to ask providers
  27. The care certificate: how it's setting the standards for frontline care
  28. Health support workers could save sector £100m a year
  29. Are you ready to grow and develop your support workforce?
  30. If you don’t prepare your workforce for the future then patient experience will suffer

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