12th June 2015 Written by Skills Platform

Image: Skills Platform Nurses and Midwives Revalidation Rule Changes.Nurses have always had to keep their practice up to date but the new revalidation system has different rules and will be more closely monitored

From October 2015, every nurse that comes to re-register must revalidate in order to be legally able to work in the UK. This will affect all nurses and midwives and anyone that qualifies after October 2015 will need to understand the new requirements.

In addition, the number of hours of continuing professional development (CPD) required is increasing from 35 hours in three years to 40.

Howard Catton, head of policy and international affairs at the Royal College of Nursing, said in arecent interview: “If your revalidation comes up next year, you should be having a conversation with your manager about the process now. If you’re a nurse manager, it’s important to know who is coming up for revalidation and to identify those who may not meet the new requirements.”

The new revalidation process has just finished being piloted across the UK. While there is a temptation to wait until the final model is in place to start thinking about revalidation, Howard warns against leaving it to the last minute; “I would advise managers and employers to follow the nursing press and stay up to date with the findings of the pilot sites. Start preparing now, and the revalidation process will be that much easier once the new rules are finalised and come into force at the end of the year.”

Nurses and midwives will need to sign up to the Nursing and Midwifery Council online to find out their renewal date and to complete the revalidation process.

So, if you are due to revalidate or you have nursing staff who are due to revalidate at the end of 2015 or start of 2016 then preparation is going to be the key. Skills Platform could really help.

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Nurses have always had to keep their nurses’ practice up to date but the new system will be more closely monitored with nurses needing to be signed off by their manager. This means that they’ll need to do more to stay on the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register.

Every nurse will need to provide evidence that they have met the standards to their manager and this will be proved with five pieces of practice related feedback whether written or verbal, plus five written reflections on the NMC code that has been discussed with another registrant.

While there is no actual ‘approved activity’ to count towards this CPD requirement, it will need to be relevant to the particular practice or may not be counted.

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