02nd February 2020 Written by Skills for Health

Image: Chloe Lambourne.We’d like to introduce Chloe Lambourne, one of our apprentices working as Lead Apprentice Administrator at St Richard's Hospital for Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

How have you found the apprenticeship?

I’ve found the apprenticeship to be a great experience. Allowing me to expand my knowledge on running projects within a business environment, learning new tools and techniques to support with managing budgets and projects, and other transferrable skills to use within the workplace.

Why did you decide to complete an Apprenticeship?

I never wanted to go to university, I completed A-levels to boost my cv and give me some extra recognised qualifications before going into full-time employment/apprenticeship. I’d completed my level 3 business and administration apprenticeship prior to this and loved being able to gain a qualification alongside working so was keen to continue onto the next level up and luckily secured myself a role within the team.

Tell us a little bit about the day to day activities of your role?

My days are very varied, with me carrying out several different tasks. One of the key activities I undertake within my role is meeting with department managers within the Trust to support with recruitment of non-clinical apprentices. This involves liaising with them at each step of the apprenticeship process from interview right through to supporting the apprentice throughout their apprenticeship.

In addition to this, I also manage The Apprentice Service system for this, which keeps track of the finances (money in and out of the levy). I also manage a spreadsheet which holds all apprentice records which requires me to implement and maintain formulas and formatting to make the spreadsheet user-friendly for the rest of the team. I can also be found attending careers fairs within schools/colleges and job centres to present or give information out on vacancies within the Trust. Not to forget the administrative tasks such as answering calls and responding to email enquiries, as well as supporting other apprentices within our team with their work allocation.

What do you believe is your biggest strength in general, day to day life?

Communication and confidence are my biggest strengths, I am quite outgoing so am happy to come forward and speak to people that I don’t know and put myself out there. I used to coach football when I was younger which allowed me to develop these skills, also being put into a group of people I don’t know well at college doesn’t really phase me, I enjoy engaging with new people.

How does this strength transfer into your work life?

My role requires me to speak at conferences and meet with apprentices and their managers within the Trust, in order to carry out these tasks, I am required to draw on my confidence and communication skills. Additionally, I also go out to school careers events to deliver talks to classes or manning our stand at these events delivering information about careers in the trust, in order to engage students I need to adapt my communication style, so this supports and strengthens my communication skills.

How has the Apprenticeship benefited you?

I have been able to progress and gain a higher-level recognised qualification which will support me into progressing further in my career. Additionally, I have also gained a lot of skills and knowledge to allow me to carry out tasks in line with methodologies. I have learned a lot about different theorists linked to communication and teamwork which I have been able to refer to within department team meetings, so it has been useful to learn these.

What has been your biggest achievement so far on this apprenticeship? Explain how this made you feel.

In my manager's absence, I was asked to do a talk at a staff conference, this was a huge thing for our department and required a lot of preparation. The event itself had a table with all the executive members of staff so was it was important that I was able to make a good impression to them also. I felt very proud that I was able to step up to the challenge and that the talk was successful with really positive feedback from the team and attendees.

Did you come across any challenges/difficulties?

Like anyone, I have encountered a few challenges. Namely with my course delivery and portfolio at the front end of the course, thankfully I was supported by my workplace manager and by my mentor. This, however, put a delay on my end date because work had to be completed again to meet the correct standards, I was supported by my mentor and authorised a contract extension to allow me to have continued support with my study days.

What are your future plans?

I am taking things as they come at the moment, I have recently been offered a permanent position within my department that I have accepted. I may do some short management courses alongside my new role which the department will be happy to support.

Ideally, what do you see yourself doing in five years and how are you going to get there?

Long term I would like to get into project management, at the end of my apprenticeship I hope to have the qualifications needed to get into this.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned about yourself so far on the Apprenticeship?

Knowledge. The knowledge that I have gained throughout my apprenticeships. When I meet with managers and give people information on apprenticeships, I often surprise myself with how much I have picked up on during my two apprenticeships.

What advice would you give to future Apprentices?

“Apprenticeships are the start of your career; it is an opportunity to prove to an employer that you are capable of carrying out a recognised qualification alongside working. So always put your best into everything, you cannot fail an apprenticeship unless you do not do the work.”

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