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Qualifications in Scotland

Skills for Health champions the benefits of workforce learning and development based on Competences / National Occupational Standards (NOS). In Scotland Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) and Competence Based Qualifications (CBQs) are used to assess occupational competence.  The SVQs form the basis of the health Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland.

These are the SVQs for healthcare occupations:

SVQs in Healthcare Support (Clinical and Non-Clinical)

SVQs for Healthcare Support (Clinical and Non-Clinical) at SCQF levels 6 and 7 have been developed for healthcare support staff working in Scotland NHS Boards and Scottish employees working in the private health care sector. Please click here for further information and copies of the qualifications.

SVQ in Social Services and Healthcare

The SVQ in Social Services and Healthcare at SCQF Levels 6 and 7 is jointly developed by Skills for Health and  Scottish Social Services Council. It is aimed at staff employed in assistant roles which span health and social care.

The SVQs in Social Services and Healthcare are components in the Modern Apprenticeship in Social Services and Healthcare which is developed and maintained by the Scottish Social Services Council.

SVQ in Dental Nursing

The  SVQ in Dental Nursing at SCQF Level 7 when taken with the required knowledge qualification allows registration with the General Dental Council as a Dental Nurse.

The SVQ in Dental Nursing at SCQF Level 7 is a component in the Modern Apprenticeship in Dental Nursing

SVQ in Pharmacy Services

SVQs in Pharmacy Services are offered at SCQF Levels 6 and 8.Undertaking the SVQ in Pharmacy Services at SCQF 8 with the professional development award at SCQF 7 will support registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council as a Pharmacy Technician (subject to the individual meeting the additional registration requirements).

The SVQs in Pharmacy Services are components of the Modern Apprenticeship in Pharmacy Services

Read more about the benefits of NOS based vocational qualifications here.  You can search for NOS using the Skills for Health tools.