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Alcohol & Drugs

Drug and alcohol misuse is a serious issue for society, with long term implications for employment, crime and the environment, as well as the health and well being of individuals. It is a key element of Public Health Policy and will become the responsibility of local authorities under new organisational arrangements.

See Healthy Lives, Healthy People: update and way forward (Department of Health, 2011)

What this means for the workforce

Combating drug and alcohol misuse depends on a skilled workforce. Practitioners need to understand the challenges of supporting individuals and be able to deliver effective interventions.


Skills for Health have developed the following resources to support the workforce.

Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards

The development of these National Occupational Standards was led by Skills for Health and engaged with stakeholders from across the UK, including the Sector Skills Councils for Justice and Social Care. They are relevant to everyone who is working to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities by minimising harm associated with alcohol and substance use.