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Skills for Health is a not-for-profit organisation based in the UK and working internationally. We help organisations plan their workforce, develop the skills and capability of healthcare staff to improve the quality of care and the efficiency of teams.

What we do

  • We lead the UK in healthcare workforce development, and are licensed by the UK government as the Healthcare Sector Skills Council
  • We have responsibility for developing and maintaining all the UK National Occupational Standards for healthcare – a currency for articulating skills and competence
  • We help health organisations achieve their business goals by developing the roles, structure and skills of the workforce – which can account for up to 70% of the cost of healthcare services
  • Improving productivity, efficiency and quality is our prime focus – ensuring healthcare providers achieve a highly skilled workforce, including support workers who assist those in the qualified healthcare professions.

The benefits of working with us

  • Reassurance of things being done well with solutions that are bespoke and scalable
  • Proven ways to improve the functionality of your workforce teams and access to 170+ transferable role templates including those for healthcare assistants
  • Access tailor-made support from Skills for Health experts in healthcare workforce development.

Large or small, our award-winning tools and proven solutions can help you when planning major capital investment in new facilities, to make best possible use of your workforce to improve quality, performance and reduce costs

Our presence around the world

Skills for Health are working with organisations in India, New Zealand, Australia, Middle East, Ireland and in other parts of Europe. Our partners include educationalists, industrialists and healthcare experts.

What we offer

  • Workforce planning – vital for understanding and optimising your teams

    • This is a highly important consideration which is at its most powerful when built into your planning at a very early stage.
    • We have trained and developed more than 5000 healthcare staff in workforce planning techniques in the past 10 years in many areas including cancer care, coronary heart disease, diabetes, public health services.
    • Our proven tool ‘Six Steps Methodology to Integrated Strategic Workforce Planning’ is recognised as the leading method by the UK National Health Service (NHS). It’s also used in social care and local government, and works for organisations large, medium or small.
    • We can prepare your plans, or guide you as you develop them yourself, providing you with training, guidance and mentoring to build your own capacity and capability.

  • Service and care pathway design – using Functional Analysis to uncover gaps and control costs

    • Optimise quality and value for money through right teams in the right place at the right time
    • Map patient care pathways so that your high quality service begins with the patient
    • Make the most of your entire healthcare team – maximising use of everyone’s skills
    • Integrate innovative new roles such as assistant and advanced practitioners to reduce costs and improve service quality.

  • Skills development – maximising the return on your investment in your workforce

    • Is your workforce providing adequate return on investment?
    • Our experts can help you assess the competence of your current workforce against your organisation’s goals
    • We determine skills gaps and develop plans to address these effectively
    • Use purpose-designed techniques and UK / local Occupational Standards to benchmark competency and skills requirements.

  • Education and training – designing learning and development that meets your organisation’s needs

    • Existing programmes and qualifications or design bespoke programmes – we can help you decide
    • Choose from work-based learning, simulation-based learning and blended learning (Elearning combined with classroom teaching)
    • Train through our own National Skills Academy – UK’s largest supplier of specialist programmes especially for support staff
    • With our unique position in healthcare skills development we can identify and source training working with leading UK universities, colleges and Royal Colleges - for developing your entire workforce.

Our solutions can help you solve your local workforce challenges. To find out more please contact us or call 0207 388 8800.