How we do it

Our approach to leadership, management and organisational development begins with building our relationship with our clients as a partner. Contracting our working together is a fundamental first stage to helping and we vow to bring all our skills, awareness, and experience to be as useful as possible. Understanding our clients' unique context, history and aspirations are fundamental to us; primarily we listen, and we observe.

We work to craft developmental solutions alongside those we are contracted to help, in ways that are innovative, creative, and effective. Our preferred approach is to co-produce over a cycle of exploration, sense-making, theorising, action, and reflection. We develop our open programmes through a process of engagement and research to ensure they are genuinely relevant and helpful.

Evaluation of the individual and organisational benefit of our work is core to every project we engage with. Our practice is supported by a highly-skilled research team and we utilise quantitative and qualitative methodologies to discern and learn from the impact of the interventions we make.

Grounded in methodologies of self-managed and experiential learning, we absolutely recognise the value of expert input and tailored and relevant content in our programmes. Working with a breadth of techniques and practices we offer a truly blended approach to learning and development.

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