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Research and labour market intelligence services

Reliable research and intelligence on current and future skills needs is a vital part of the strategic and operational workforce planning and development process.

Understand your future labour needs and local labour market

Our specialist researchers deliver high quality intelligence on both UK-wide, national and local perspectives, offering tested methodologies for future planning and bespoke research to underpin a wide range of agendas.

Service 1: Intelligence on the current and future demand for services in your area

Skills for Health’s ‘local intelligence’ is a bespoke service that applies high quality research and consultation methods to provide a total view of an area’s health needs, healthcare performance and employment and skills profiles.

We can combine extensive healthcare workforce information with population and social data to give you unparalleled intelligence on the relationships between healthcare provision and demand across your area.

The tailored reports deliver powerful insights and recommendations to enable you to address your local service and workforce planning needs.

Service 2: Scenario planning

We can help you think strategically about your future services, skills and employment needs through the application and development of future scenarios. The scenario planning approach enables you to develop and test out plausible and credible ‘futures’, giving you the confidence to make informed strategic decisions.

Service 3: Expert research on your skills and workforce issues

We can design and deliver research tailored precisely to your organisation’s needs. Our researchers are experts in healthcare research and can shape our methodology to the skills and employment issues you wish to address.

Expert research and intelligence

Skills for Health undertakes a large range of research activity, commissioned by independent organisations and government departments from across the UK, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Find out more about our research.

Access our free research library which contains research covering issues relevant to workforce development and service provision, profiles health sector skills and labour market trends within the UK and addresses gaps in workforce knowledge.


  • Anticipate and prevent potential skills gaps
  • Increase overall productivity and service quality through more informed decision making on skills and employment
  • Understand the extent to which your services are improving and compare your organisation to your peers
  • Understand the behaviours of local people who use your services
  • The rich data is usable by social services, allowing you to develop new services and coordinate your joint work more effectively.
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