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LearnSpace - Learning management at your fingertips

LearnSpace is an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage learning management system based on Totara Learn.

A trusted and adaptable tool, LearnSpace integrates easily with multiple HR systems and gives users an unparalleled learning experience.


Through LearnSpace, learners have access to a comprehensive range of e-learning courses and allows managers to develop individual learning paths, monitor usage and publish detailed compliance reports.

Our expert technical team are also on hand at all stages to provide ongoing support and peace of mind.

Image: Import prior learning.Import your users prior learning and add your own content, giving staff one central learning point.

Image: Compliance reporting.Produce accurate and up-to-date compliance reports, making sure teams are compliant at all times.

Image: Customisation.LearnSpace can be customised with your own branding, using a single sign-in for a bespoke look and feel.

Image: Flexible access.Completely flexible access allowing users to learn anytime and anywhere, in one easy to reach space.

Save time and money on your training by placing LearnSpace at the heart of your learning strategy.

By doing so, you’ll also make the whole learning experience more effective and user-friendly. Learners will be sent notifications and alerts with training requirements, reminders for expiry and overdue training.

And you can create organisational hierarchies and learner segmentation including positions, goals, competency frameworks, report filtering, learning plans and multiple job assignments.

You can also be confident that with the advanced security available with LearnSpace, your staff data will be held securely.

We’ve created a range of packages providing different levels of functionality, service and autonomy. Learn more about the features available to you within our four packages: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

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Our services:

  • Our technical team will work with you to implement LearnSpace, supporting any data migration and integration requirements.
  • Our expert helpdesk will provide dedicated technical support and advice should you find yourself in need.
  • We’ve developed a range of user guides to take you step by step through every aspect of LearnSpace so you can refresh your knowledge or bring others onboard.
  • With our compliance onboarding support, we’ll make sure you make the most of the powerful analytics and compliance reporting tool.

Image: Totara Solutions partner logo.

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