Academies’ statement of provision

Raising standards in skills and training delivery is a key priority for us and we are a Skills Funding Agency registered training provider.

We want to ensure that:

  • There are excellent teaching, learning and assessment opportunities for those wanting to work in healthcare
  • Opportunities exist for those working in entry level roles within the sector
  • The future healthcare workforce has world class transferable skills
  • The provision contributes to the healthcare workforce continuously providing top quality service to patients and clients

Skills for Health manages dedicated Academy teams and delivers services mainly in Greater London, the North East and the North West of England. We work exclusively in the healthcare sector, supporting the delivery of high quality and relevant Apprenticeships, Pre-employment and other skills development programmes.

  • Growing a skilled and flexible workforce is a priority

    Skills for Health works with employers, education and training partners and other stakeholders to help existing staff further develop the skills they need and to attract new talent in the sector.  

    Our programmes listed in the table below are delivered directly by Skills for Health’s expert staff, by our preferred sub-contractors or through partnership with employers or other stakeholders according to local need and resourcing.

    • Cadet programmes
    • Commercial delivery (e.g. Dementia, Leadership and Management, etc.)
    • Pre-employment programmes
    • Pupils in Placement programmes
    • Skills clubs
    • Skills Funding Agency’s Adult Skills Budget Contract 

  • Regional Availability of Academy Programmes

      Greater London North East North West
    Skills Funding Agency’s Adult Skills Budget (Apprenticeships)
    Pre-Employment Programmes
    Cadet Programmes    
    Commercial Delivery (e.g. Dementia, Leadership & Management…)    
    Pupils in Placement Programmes    
    Skills Clubs    

Skills for Health’s Academy Teams’ other key strengths and valued contributions are to work closely with employers to:

  • Promote the healthcare sector to young people
  • Undertake the recruitment of Apprentices or Cadets
  • Support employers and their staff to work with young people who are Apprentices or Cadets
  • Deliver learning in the work place, offering flexibility that is essential in this sector
  • Promote better skills and higher standards through the learning and upskilling opportunities
  • Recognise the capabilities of each learner and help them achieve their full potential
  • Promote independent research and learning to help learners update and sustain their knowledge of good practice and guidance in the sector

Skills for Health is a Delivery Partner of the National Skills Academy for Health. Click here for more information on how the National Academy can support you.

Details of programmes run by the Skills for Health Academy in North West England can be found here.