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Gold, silver, Bronze Winners

The Workforce Planning Team of the Year Award celebrates excellence in integrated workforce planning. Winners of this award will have succeeded in identifying innovative and cost effective solutions to address workforce or organisational issues that have had a negative impact on clients e.g. retention and recruitment of staff, supply routes, skills gaps, and waiting times.

Workforce Planning Team of the Year

The Enhanced Nursing Care Team was set up at Lister Hospital to provide enhanced one-to-one care – or ‘special observation’ – for patients who are confused or pose a high risk to themselves or others.

The trust had previously incurred high costs in the delivery of this care, which was usually provided by unskilled agency staff, which resulted in poor patient experiences. Since the introduction of the Enhanced Nursing Care Team the trust has reported a reduction in falls, length of stay and agency spend. In addition, there has also been a higher standard of care for high-risk patients recorded.

The team has achieved this by dividing long shifts into three-hour blocks, enabling nurses to rotate between patients, which can be beneficial for both the team and the people they care for. Staff get a regular change of scene while patients get to see different staff, which brings variety to their day.

Another benefit of this specialist team is that staff can be moved around the hospital to support more high-risk patients as well as encouraging collaborative work with carers to consider less restrictive ways of managing patients according to their needs.

The Research and Development Clinical Delivery Team at University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire was awarded the silver trophy while Health Education England’s Rotating Paramedic Programme took home bronze.