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One Award Winner (highlighted mention for other top performers)

The OHH Integrated Team of the Year Award will be given to a group of people operating as a ‘team’ to deliver person centred, integrated care across professional, organisational and/or sector boundaries.

Nomination have now closed.

The winners of this award will demonstrate one or all of the following through a process of integrated care:

  • Improvements in care / patient experience
  • A positive impact on the team
  • Service improvements

The Assessment Criteria for the Integrated Team of the Year Award:

  • A clear understanding of the challenge, how it was resolved and what the impact was on the team, patient, service and/or finances.
  • Underpinned by a robust process
  • Demonstrating keeping the patient at the centre of care
  • Improved patient outcomes or patient experience
  • Crosses professional, organisational and/or sector boundaries
  • A new way of working that has been fully embedded across traditional boundaries of working
  • An innovative and cost effective solution
  • Evidence of more effective system working. E.g. reduced duplication of activities, reduced hand offs, reduced number of different interventions required

Applicants must complete no more than 500 words in order to demonstrate at least 4 of the criteria.

Who can make the nomination?

Nominations must be made by a manager within the integrated team, with the consent of the integrated team.

Nomination have now closed.