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Gold – Doctors Assistants Team, East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust created the new role of Doctors Assistant to help alleviate workloads and take on administrative work. The benefits have been integral to the Trust, who have now taken on a team of six Doctor Assistants, with doctors reporting a far greater likelihood of them attending teaching, operating and clinic sessions. The Trust has developed three themes as vital for success; clear line management, good communication and defined role boundaries. The role has now been introduced to 12 other interested Trusts and the model has been presented at national and regional events.

Silver – The Practice Education Team, Royal Bournemouth Hospital

Royal Bournemouth Hospital has 17 operating theatres with 220 people, in theatres and recovery. The Practice Education Team work tirelessly with clinical leaders to make sure their staff are supported and are able to work to a competent, high standard. In the last two years, the impact of the team has been apparent, with staff retention improving and members reporting better experiences at work. The Trust ranked second in The NHS Staff Survey in 2016 in terms of how staff feel about the leadership and culture of their trust.

Bronze – GP Team, Carlisle

Made up of clinical and non-clinical staff members from three GP practices, the team serves 36,000 patients over five sites. By merging practices, the team could assess the challenges and face them collectively, appreciate common issues and work through joint solutions. The team have introduced a consistent approach through introducing innovative and systematic solutions. They have shown it is possible to increase capacity, improve the skill mix and define a sustainable working model capable of delivering high quality patient care by working together.