29th January 2014

Following the publication of the Francis Report, and in line with the sector's activity around raising awareness of the required behaviours and values of those working in the sector, the Cadet/Apprentices in the NW were asked to explore their understanding of dignity. They were asked to show how they, as they start their careers, would demonstrate this to their patients, colleagues, peers and all who they met throughout their time, at the ATA and in their future careers.

To this end, the Cadet/Apprentices developed 'their Dignity Promise: a pledge they co-wrote and signed up to as an act of their intentions. Furthermore, on the 14th February 2013, they participated in "Dignity Day" where they were able to showcase their work in 15 NHS Organisations across the Cheshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester area. The Cadet Dignity Day will be held this year on the 31st January.

The Dignity Promise was publicly endorsed by Sir Keith Pearson Chair of Health education England during Apprenticeship Week last year.