06th April 2017

NursesWatch2As of today, 6th April 2017, the way the government funds apprenticeships changes. If you’re an employer with a pay bill of over £3 million each year, you must contribute to a new Apprenticeship Levy. Funds to pay for apprenticeship training will be accessed through a digital account system.

Speaking on the Levy, Chief Executive at Skills for Health, John Rogers, said: “Larger organisations are going to have to pay the Levy whether they intend on offering apprenticeships or not, so it makes sense for them to seriously consider putting a scheme in place if they don’t have one already.

"Employers in England can use money from the digital account system to pay for training and assessment for apprentices. Investing in the future of their organisations will help build the next generation of the healthcare workforce.”

Paying the Apprenticeship Levy: the key points

  • If you’re an employer with operations in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, you may also want to contact your apprenticeship authority as arrangements will be different.
  • You are now required report and pay your levy to HMRC through the PAYE process
  • The levy will not affect the way you fund training for apprentices who started an apprenticeship programme before 1 May 2017.
  • All employers will receive an allowance of £15,000 to offset against the levy, which means the levy will only be payable on a pay bill in excess of £3 million in each year.
  • Employers with a pay bill of less than £3 million won’t pay anything but will still be able to draw down funds to deliver apprenticeship training. 
  • Read Apprenticeship funding from May 2017 for full details of what is changing.

The National Skills Academy for Health are no strangers to the ins and outs of offering healthcare apprenticeships and have worked closely with health sector employers to launch their Excellence Centres and run an Apprenticeship Levy employer survey results.

Director Candace Miller, said: “We are constantly working to improve our apprenticeship offer and this will continue to happen after the Apprenticeship Levy changes come in to play.

There are so many opportunities for apprenticeships in the healthcare sector, filling roles in every area from horticulture (tending hospital gardens) to emergency care and finance. We want to help employers to benefit in full from the system changes and use the apprenticeship process to best effect in developing their workforce.”

Accessing Support

Are you struggling with getting to grips with the Apprenticeship Levy or looking for additional support? Here’s some useful resources from Skills for Health to help make things clearer:

New Apprenticeship Offering

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