21st February 2017

Image: National Exercise Referral Scheme.Public Health Wales are currently reviewing elements of their National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS) to ensure the scheme is delivering the greatest impact it can to individuals and stakeholders. Since the scheme was formally evaluated in 2010, it has developed and expanded considerably.

Public Health Wales funds the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) to coordinate NERS, and ensure referral opportunities and delivery by local authorities is standardised across Wales where appropriate. The Scheme targets clients who have a chronic disease or are at risk of developing chronic disease, and supports them to develop appropriate exercise patterns to improve health and well-being.

Skills for Health is pleased to be working with Public Health Wales on the review of the training and registration requirements for Exercise Professionals working in NERS. The review will be looking particularly at the knowledge, skills and competences required to work as an Exercise Professional within NERS as well as exploring options regarding training and registration.

Robert Sage, Physical Activity Programme Lead for Wales says: “The NERS workforce in Wales is very experienced and skilled at working with the clients who are referred for exercise. It’s vital to the ongoing success of NERS in Wales that we have a framework in place that will help us ensure we retain exercise professionals with the right mix of skills, competencies and experience to provide a truly client centred service. We’re delighted to be working with Skills for Health and hope the outputs of the work will inform not just exercise referral work in Wales, but across the UK.”

Rachel Searle, Country Director for Wales says: “We are delighted to use our expertise to review training and registration requirements for staff in this important area. Our work will inform the wider Public Health Wales review of the National Exercise Referral Scheme. This scheme is delivered through a collaborative partnership between Public Health Wales, Welsh Local Government Association and Welsh Local Authorities.”

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