22nd November 2016

Care Certificate Logo news jan15Work has recently commenced on an 18 month study called ‘Evaluating the Care Certificate: A Cross-Sector Solution to Assuring Fundamental Skills in Caring’ (ECCert) funded by the Department of Health Policy Research Programme. This is an independent evaluation based at the University of Nottingham. A two-staged mixed methods approach is being adopted.

Stage 1, which is currently underway, involves a telephone survey of a large number of care organisations randomly selected from the Care Quality Commission database.

In Stage 2, which will start early next year, qualitative case studies will be carried out in a smaller number of care organisations to gain more in depth insight into the implementation and effectiveness of the Care Certificate. For more information, please follow the following link: http://www.institutemh.org.uk/x-research-/evaluating-the-care-certificate

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