18th November 2016

Image: Dr Phil Hammond.We are delighted to announce that Dr Phil Hammond will host the inaugural Our Health Heroes Awards on the 29th November. Dr Phil Hammond has been an NHS doctor for 30 years, a comic for 26 years, a Private Eye journalist for 24 years and a BBC presenter for 20 years. He is a passionate advocate for a properly funded, safely staffed NHS and loves celebrating the best our service has to offer. He currently works in an NHS clinic for young people with chronic fatigue and is touring the UK with his comedy show, Dr Phil's Health Revolution.

Dr Phil says 'I'm proud to support the Our Health Heroes awards celebrating the unsung heroes of healthcare who glue the service together with their dedication, skill, compassion and humour. Let's hear it for those 800,000 healthcare assistants, assistant practitioners, porters, cleaners, caterers, maintenance workers and administrative staff. Without you, the NHS and social care service would collapse like a soufflé. Thank you all.'

Further details can be found at www.drphilhammond.com