12th October 2016

We are pleased to announce a new Benchmarking Initiative aimed at Trusts to measure their performance and compliance nationally and regionally. This one time offer is for healthcare organisations to benefit from access to a range of live data and compare their performance against a range of markers.

Image: Benchmarking.The Benchmarking tool offers Trusts a comprehensive overview of their own compliance data and reports on how the data compares to national averages, regional groups and peer groups.  The thought behind the reports is to help Trusts gain information which can be used to improve efficiency, performance and safer patient care.

This initiative is aimed at NHS Trusts and healthcare providers in the private and independent sectors wishing to share compliance data regionally and nationally.

The benchmarking report will be very useful in a variety of ways:

  • Stimulating discussion regarding compliance performance and reporting within your organisation and acting as a catalyst for improvement
  • Sharing with key staff within your organisation to raise the importance of ensuring and monitoring compliance
  • As part of Board Reports on compliance for your organisation
  • Providing CQC with further compliance comparisons as part of the assessment process
  • Sharing anonymized data across the user group to stimulate discussion, share best practice and innovation across organisations
  • Easy access to data to support regional data streamlining programmes and alignment with the Skills for Health core skills training framework

Iamge: Get started.

The Benchmarking initiative is part of WIRED (Workforce Information Reporting Engine Database) which is a web-based compliance reporting tool that enables employers to:

  • Export data from their existing HR, Elearning and Learning Management systems, including ESR and OLM( if in England)
  • Quickly create a wide range of high quality compliance reports instantly available
  • Further automate data preparation making it even easier and faster to obtain compliance reports

To find out more about the Benchmarking initiative click here. Alternatively, please contact Linda Orru – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 0207 391 7179 if you have any questions.