10th October 2016

Image: Mental Health Core Skills Education and Training Framework.The Mental Health Foundation estimates that 1 in 4 people in England will experience a mental health problem in any given year, while major depression is thought to be the second leading cause of disability worldwide. With a greater prevalence in today’s society,  it’s becoming more imperative that the standard of mental health services in the UK are at the highest quality. Mental health covers a broad spectrum of conditions and so it is critical to a person’s wellbeing that the appropriate care is given for each individual case.

Skills for Health, in collaboration with Health Education England and Skills for Care, is pleased to announce that a new national Mental Health Core Skills Education and Training Framework is to be launched.  The framework is aimed at improving the way the mental care workforce care for people with mental health issues.

Commissioned by the Department of Health, the Core Skills Education and Training Framework sets out the expected learning outcomes and minimum standards for the delivery of mental health services. It further supports workforce development specific to implementation of the national mental health strategy, No Health Without Mental Health.

Available soon, the new framework defines core skills and knowledge in three tiers: 

  • Tier one - the knowledge for roles that require general mental health awareness
  • Tier two - knowledge and skills for roles that will have some regular contact with people with mental health issues
  • Tier three - details more on the knowledge and skills for those working with/caring for people with mental health needs. 

In total, the new framework is presented in 18 subjects, covering mental health identification and assessment, law and ethics, self- harm and suicide, and promoting positive relations.

In the meantime, you can read more on the mental health core skills education and training here.

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