12th August 2016

Image: Apprenticeship Levy funding.Initial Proposals for Apprenticeship Levy funding

This morning the UK Government put out an official announcement for initial proposals for apprenticeship levy funding in England from May 2017.

The levy comes into effect in April 2017 and it means that UK employers, with an annual pay bill of over £3 million, will pay the apprenticeship levy.

The announcement made this morning detailed updated guidance and added information about proposals to make changes to apprenticeship funding from May 2017. The new guidance details:

  • how much employers will be able to spend on each apprenticeship
  • the rules employers will need to follow

A funding bands tool has been devised in order for employers to see which funding band an apprenticeship has been allocated to and the maximum digital funds available an employer paying into the Levy can use. For instance, a Healthcare Assistant Practitioner apprenticeship would carry the maximum core funding of £12,000.

The guidance also holds a list of apprenticeships approved for delivery to help check which training frameworks have been approved for 2017.

A final support package will be confirmed in October 2016.

John Rogers, Chief Executive of Skills for Health said: “We have been awaiting this morning’s announcement with great anticipation and welcome the extra direction; the new clarifications will help Skills for Health and National Skills Academy for Health deliver valuable and effective guidance for employers that are eligible for the apprenticeship levy.”

Candace Miller, Director of National Skills Academy for Health said: “The apprenticeship levy is a huge change within the vocational education and training sector and, while not without its challenges, does offer healthcare employers a fantastic opportunity to develop the healthcare workforce of the future.

We very much welcome the emphasis on giving employers control over how apprenticeship funding is spent.  However in the light of healthcare integration plans it is disappointing that the opportunity for levy payers to support development of their supply chain will not come in until 2018, and is proposed to be capped at a very low level.”

Skills for Health and the National Skills Academy for Health have the expert knowledge on apprenticeships in the healthcare sector and can help you along every step of the way. From strategic planning and preparation, right through to implementation and delivery, though the National Skills Academy for Health’s Apprenticeship Training Agency, we have all the tools you need guide you throughout the Apprenticeship Levy process.

For more information, read our blogs and guidance on the apprenticeship levy. You can also take a look at our infographic explaining the levy here.

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