30th June 2016

Image: Approved training.A matter of significant concern has come to our attention, and we feel that we must act to ensure it is resolved appropriately.

We have become aware that some commercial training organisations, providing services into the NHS and the wider health sector, are actively stating that their training programmes – particularly for stat-man training and the Care Certificate – “Align with Skills for Health” or that they provide “Skills for Health aligned training.”

We view use of our name in this way to be inappropriate and misleading and we fear that purchasers are being misled by a perception or inference that Skills for Health has endorsed or approved such training programmes. This is untrue and inaccurate and therefore purchasers of training must be aware of this appropriation. We will not hesitate from taking appropriate action against the inappropriate use of our name.

Purchasers of training (or of agency staff) need to note that significant variance exists in both the quality and the cost of training programmes offered for core skills training across the health sector, especially in e-learning. We would also point out that any training provider may state that their training offer aligns with the “Core Skills Training Framework” or “The Care Certificate” but this is purely a self-declaration by the provider and should be treated as such.

We cannot stress enough that it is incumbent upon purchasers and procurement authorities to seek sufficient evidence to satisfy themselves as to the quality and accuracy of such training programmes. Again, purchasers and procurement authorities should not ask training providers to confirm if their training “aligns with Skills for Health” but rather seek confirmation of alignment with the Core Skills Training Framework or Care Certificate and appropriate evidence. It is important to remember that poor procurement may put patient safety at risk.

Skills for Health, through its Quality Mark schemes, has approved certain training providers and details of these can be found via Core Skills, Compliance, Streamlining or Quality Mark

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