06th June 2016

Communication for stakeholders

Following the Government’s changed policy on qualifications and Apprenticeships across all sectors the two Sector Skills Councils responsible for the health and adult care workforces, Skills for Health and Skills for Care, have been working together to consider the future approach to health and adult care qualifications.

In doing so we are also committed to the government agenda on integration and are therefore seeking to provide greater clarity, transferability and opportunity for workers within both adult care and health.

Skills for Care and Skills for Health are committed to qualifications which have at their core shared knowledge and skills that support the vision of employers providing integrated services and the portability of skills and knowledge across the health and adult care workforce.

Within this context, we need to take account not only of changes to qualification regulation but also of other developments affecting health and adult care qualifications in England, including the work in each sector on new Apprenticeship standards.

In summary we are proposing that at Level 2, there will be a common qualification for both health and adult care settings. There will be no barrier to entering either the adult care or health workforces.

At Level 3 we are proposing Diploma qualifications in health and in adult care. These will have, at their heart, shared core competences with optional specialisms to meet the requirements of health and adult care services.

Skills for Health and Skills for Care will now be engaging with employers across both sectors and Awarding Organisation colleagues to take this vision forward.

A public consultation on both the proposed Level 2 and Level 3 core competences will be announced on the Skills for Care and Skills for Health websites soon.

The infographic below sets out our proposed approach.

Image: Infographic.

Download the joint statement here.