26th April 2016

Image: New Suite of Primary Care Courses Launched.We are pleased to announce our new suite of Statutory and Mandatory Elearning specifically designed for and by the primary care sector. Delivered in partnership with the National Skills Academy for Health, the courses are the most up to date and sector specific Elearning available, and include the latest guidance which reflects all current government and expert guidelines.

The courses were developed with the help of a panel of healthcare experts. The group assisted with the review and adjustment of existing core skills courses and provided insight into which areas would be most beneficial to CCG organisations, GP practices and the overall primary care sector.

Click here to view the new Primary Care Statutory and Mandatory Elearning

Sam Gallaher, Executive Director of Skills for Health said: “Skills for Health recognises the important role Primary care plays in healthcare and has produced a set of Elearning resources to support statutory and mandatory training in the community. Developed by primary care staff for primary care staff these innovative resources allow staff to undertake training anywhere they have an internet connection. Based on the CSTF learning outcomes we see these training resources as an important step forward in an integrated approach to training across the healthcare sector.”

Roland Gude, Strategic Director at Sentinel Healthcare Southwest CiC was part of the development process, using his experience in General Practice management to contribute suggested changes to the existing courses. He said: “We spent time looking through the existing courses and making sure images, case studies and questions were aimed at GPs, rather than hospital staff. The relevance of the courses and their ability to be completed in remote locations in the GP's own time is definitely a unique offering and one that will hopefully make the courses a success.”

Farzana Hussain, a GP Principal, who trialled a pilot of the Elearning service, said: “I don’t usually respond well to Elearning and find it a bit dry but I thought the courses were really useful; all the mandatory requirements were covered, modules with the videos and interactive topics really brought the learning to life and the information was really easy to digest”

New features:

  • All Elearning is written by and for primary care staff
  • Most up to date and complete courses available; they include the latest guidance and reflect all current government and expert guidelines
  • Community based scenarios developed by and for the Primary Care sector
  • All learning is based on images and scenarios which are familiar to primary care sector
  • All courses are updated whenever legislation changes
  • Core Skills Framework Compliant Training – all staff trained to the same standards across primary care and the health sector
  • All courses include E-assessments

Additional features:

  • Integrated reporting – managers can see all staff training at a glance
  • All training includes an assessment of knowledge at the end before a certificate is granted
  • All courses check the user’s understanding of key facts during the training sessions and allow users to go back and forward in the course to check any points

Image: Purchase Elearning.

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