27th November 2015

Image: Skills Platform.

We are pleased to launch a series of dedicated Elearning bundles that are directly mapped to the main standards developed by Skills for Health.

Elearning Bundles

Designed for small to medium sized organisations, these bundles can be purchased directly via the Skills Platform.

Learners aiming to align themselves or their organisation with the Core Skills Training Framework, Care Certificate and Clinical/ Care Core Skills Training Framework will find bundles pre-packaged with all the relevant modules.

There are currently four Skills for Health Elearning Bundles available:

  • Unlimited Elearning Bundle:

Access all of the Skills for Health courses in one convenient package. This includes not only all 29 currently available courses, but also future courses that Skills for Health have in development. Find out more.

  • Care Certificate Elearning Bundle:

Access 18 courses directly aligned to the Care Certificate, a standard co-developed by Skills for Health. Find out more.

  • Statutory/ Mandatory Training Core Skills:

Access 11 courses directly aligned with the Statutory/ Mandatory Core Skills Training Framework. This bundle also now includes Skills for Health’s new E-assessment feature to help you save time on verifying pre-existing knowledge. Find out more.

  • Clinical/ Care Core Skills:

Access courses directly aligned with the Clinical/ Care Core Skills Training Framework. This bundle is aimed at workers aiming to align themselves with the core elements of the Care Certificate. Find out more.

Cost Effective

The new bundles offer a cost effective training package for small to medium organisations looking to purchase Skills for Health’s Elearning programs directly.

The bundles can be used by anyone, but are primarily aimed at GP surgeries, dentists, care homes, agencies, private providers and specialist organisations.

From just £3.00 per course for the Unlimited Bundle, the packages offer high quality Elearning at an affordable price.

To date, Skills for Health have serviced over 507,000 registered learners across the UK and log over 300,000 completions per annum. Now smaller organisations and individuals can benefit from bundled savings normally only available to larger trusts or health bodies.

Get in touch

Image: Skills Platform find out more.

If you have any questions you can contact David Evans at the Skills Platform here.