12th October 2015

New working paper released

Image: Working Paper series.Skills for Health has today (12.10.15) published the second in its Working Paper series, analysing what needs to be done to create a high quality sustainable support workforce in the UK’s health sector.      

The paper, ‘How we can act now to create a high quality workforce in the UKs health sector’, calls for employers to create higher quality roles for support staff and to provide better progression opportunities to develop productivity in the sector.   It takes an in—depth look into the identified skills needed for support workers and explores ways in which the sector as a whole can progress.

Skills for Health identifies that the sector is lacking a high quality intermediate workforce as a result of barriers to progression from support roles to higher skilled ‘registered’ roles and recommends that developing the support workforce will make a significant contribution to meeting future health care needs.

The provision of training is not enough. Skills for Health recommends that employers commit and plan for the support workforce by creating an overall strategy and allowing sufficient budget for developing higher quality roles, while identifying opportunities on a day-to-day basis to consider if a support worker could fulfil the required job.

Skills for Health also advises that support workers and the teams they work in need clarity about increased responsibility and what they are able to do.

The full report is now free to download: How we can act now to create a high quality support workforce in the UK’s health sector

You can read the first paper in this series "The Healthcare Support Workforce - A case for ongoing development and investment".