27th August 2015

Image: Skills for Health, Skills for Justice logos.Skills for Health and Skills for Justice announce that we will be integrating as one organisation from today. The new organisation will continue as a not-for-profit registered charity across the UK and will operate the Sector Skills Council licences for the Health and Justice sector footprints.

In a joint statement Sir Duncan Nichol (Chair, Skills for Justice) and Chris Hannah (Chair, Skills for Health) said:-

“Skills for Health (SfH) and Skills for Justice (SfJ) have worked in close partnership on a range of initiatives and services over a number of years, and our Boards felt that the timing was now right to maximise the synergies for our customers and stakeholders by bringing the two organisations together. The work of the two organisations covers a wide expanse of UK public services including health, police, prisons, fire services, armed forces and local government. Through our history of joint working we have been very aware of the benefits that could be achieved for our customers and stakeholders by combining the strengths of SfH and SfJ. We are delighted that we have been able to integrate the two organisations and look forward to the very positive outcomes for the sectors that we serve.”

The combined organisation will be taken forward under the leadership of the current SfH CEO, John Rogers who commented:-

“This is a very positive move for both Skills for Health (SfH) and Skills for Justice. Our customers and stakeholders will see very little change to the services that they receive as it will be “business as usual” and customers will see no immediate change to their service. However, over the next 12-18 months it is very clear that we will be able to deliver significant enhancements by maximising the strengths and expertise of both organisations across the combined wider sector footprint”

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