26th May 2015

Image: Core Skills Training Framework.Skills for Health is delighted to announce that a number of new Clinical/Care subjects have now been added to the UK Core Skills Training Framework. Nine new subjects are now covered including Your Healthcare Career, Duty of Care, Person-centred Care, Communication, Consent, Privacy and Dignity, Fluids and Nutrition and Dementia Awareness, as well as a Blood Component Transfusion.

These new subjects complement the original Statutory/Mandatory subjects launched in 2013 which have since become widely recognised as the benchmark for statutory and mandatory training within the health sector.

The Framework describes the core skills and knowledge which would be transferable and applicable across different types of service provision. Each subject sets out expected learning outcomes for training delivery, reference to key guidance, legislation and national occupational standards. The Framework can be used as a specification of minimum content for delivery, planning and commissioning of education and training.

The aim is to enable greater consistency in the delivery of education and training, and to help prevent unnecessary duplication of training provision.  All the UK Core Skills Training Framework subjects are complemented by the availability of corresponding E-Learning courses, also available from Skills for Health.

Nearly 1,600 individuals are now registered to use the UK Core Skills Training Framework with over 120 NHS Trusts and 20 Universities having formally declared alignment of their training provision to the Framework.

Colin Wright, Skills Framework Manager at Skills for Health comments, “We’re delighted to be able to extend the UK Core Skills Training Framework to include selected clinical / care subject areas.  The greater scope of content provides employers with a recognised standard to ensure training is educationally relevant and reflective of current thinking around topical skills needs. With a highly mobile workforce in the healthcare sector, employers often need to assess the quality of new recruits’ previous training. Where this information is lacking, employees need to repeat training, often unnecessarily, wasting time and money. The UK Core Skills Training Framework addresses this issue, allowing employers to recognise training to a standard, trust that information and reduce duplication of training.”

e-learning aligned to the new Clinical/Care Core Skills Training Framework

Access Care Certificate e-learning courses which are aligned to the new Clincal/Care Core Skills Training Framework. Click here download the new e-Learning brochure to find out more.

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