06th May 2015

Image: Wired.Skills for Health is delighted to announce the launch of an updated second edition of the successful online compliance reporting system, WIRED (Workforce Information Reporting Engine Database). In response to customer feedback, expert developers at the UK Skills Sector Council for Health have been working on the system upgrade that looks set to offer Trusts significant time and cost savings. In fact, in some cases WIRED has helped NHS Trusts achieve annual savings of up to £500,000.

The new system aims to make compliance reporting even easier and now offers users additional reports for new CQC inspection requirements. The system also boasts a simplified installation process, alongside a comprehensive step by step Implementation Guide with useful templates. The design of the system has also been enhanced to simplify and furthermore “speed up” use and improve the user experience overall.

In detail, Skills for Health’s WIRED 2nd Edition is based on a new Windows environment and includes:

  • data cleanse and upload procedures automated
  • improved automated integration processes for all data transfer steps
  • new topic mapping tool for easy course identification
  • data alert reports straight to the desktop
  • new scorecard compliance reports to allow for more reporting flexibility
  • new split reporting function allowing reporting of other subjects
  • improved self-service reports including a more informative employee own view
  • overall improved data maintenance options for organisational changes

Created within the NHS and pioneered by Skills for Health, WIRED allows users to see all their training and data in one place and enables managers to run timely and up-to-date compliance reports. Given the current pressures facing the NHS, systems are increasingly important to improve patient safety by ensuring that the correct staff are completing the correct training at the right time.

Over 50% of NHS London Trusts and independent hospitals utilise the WIRED system and further interest and take up is spreading across the UK to help manage compliance reporting.

Linda Orru, Project Manager for WIRED at Skills for Health comments, “Preparing compliance reports is an important governance requirement, yet remains a time consuming job for health care organisations to manage and implement. It can take several days each month to prepare the reports and the data is not always trustworthy, with Learning and Development Departments often spending additional time chasing compliance only to find courses are not filled, not all the right people trained or e-learning is not completed. As a result, WIRED has been adopted widely as a self service type tool in NHS Trusts and independent hospitals across the UK and has in some cases seen significant time and cost savings.

Image: Wired 2nd Edition.“We have always welcomed feedback from our customers and view it as a healthy way to improve the products and services we can deliver into the healthcare sector. This updated version – WIRED 2nd Edition – has been specifically upgraded to meet the needs of NHS Trusts and we are delighted to be able to offer this more efficient and effective system.” For more information about WIRED, please click here or contact Product Manager, Linda Orru at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..