06th February 2015

Image: E-learning update.Skills for Health have been advised that national funding for our e-learning provision will cease on the 31st March 2015. Unfortunately, we are now required to charge users directly for this provision after this date.

As of 1st April, 2015, Skills for Health will be required to charge for its e-learning provision at its standard e-learning pricing structure. However, we recognise that some users will be challenged by this transition.

Health Education England and Skills for Health have discussed a range of potential actions which could be taken to mitigate the impact of this for NHS providers. As a positive result of those discussions, Skills for Health have made provisions where we will be able to offer heavily discounted rates to our high volume users.

We are currently in the process of contacting all users to discuss how we can manage this transition together and ensure organisations maintain "business as usual" as far as is possible, allowing users to continue accessing our trusted, high quality e-learning.

Health Education England will continue to explore whether there are any further mitigating actions that they can take.

Users will be aware of the continued success and uptake of the Skills for Health e-learning provision over recent years. There has been significant investment in the system which has resulted in exceptional user feedback (with 87% of users stating that they would recommend the learning to a friend). Typical feedback for our large scale market surveys have included:

"... Without a doubt this is the best e-learning I’ve had the pleasure of using"

"A great course, I found it stimulating and informative"

"I liked the combination of learning styles .... The format is very easy to follow and caused me no technical worries at all"

Our e-learning modules are developed to the highest standards by professional e-learning designers working with national expert reference groups. All modules comply with the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) where appropriate and have applicable accreditation and support (from organisations such as National Association of Hospital Fire Officers and the Health and Safety Executive). The modules also support the learning requirements of the new Care Certificate.

As the largest e-learning provider in the UK and a not-for-profit charity, we will aim to continue to pass on the benefits of our economies of scale and in-house expertise to our users.

Please feel free to contact your regional director if you require any further information: Contact

Skills for Health e-learning is provided via the National Skills Academy for Health; a wholly owned subsidiary of Skills for Health.