14th November 2014

Image: Care certificate holding hands.The Care Certificate was field tested with a range of employers across health and social care over the spring and summer of 2014. The purpose of the testing was to ascertain that the content and delivery of the Care Certificate is effective and fit for purpose. The content of the documents above were tested, and could be subject to further amendments following evaluation.

The pilot has now closed and the evaluation report completed and submitted to the Governance Assurance Board (GAB) of which Skills for Health is a member. The GAB's role is to develop and monitor implementation plans as well as ensure alignment, and identify and address risks. From this group we will be able to confirm the next steps.

It is still planned that the Care Certificate will be formally launched in March 2015, replacing both the National Minimum Training Standards and the Common Induction Standards.

Please note that Core Skills Training Framework is not being affected by the introduction of the Care Certificate.

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