22nd September 2014

Image: Health Education England endorses the UK Core Skills Training Framework.Since its launch in 2013, the UK Core Skills Training Framework has become widely recognised as the benchmark for statutory and mandatory training within the health sector. Nearly 1,200 individuals are now registered to use the Framework and over 100 organisations (including 90 NHS Trusts) have submitted a formal declaration of alignment of their training provision to the Framework.

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Health Education England recently reinforced its endorsement of the Framework by asking all LETBs to support the framework and promote its adoption among local employers. Further, in response to demands for inclusion of additional Framework subjects, work is now progressing to develop a number of new clinical/care subjects including; Communication, Consent, Dementia, Person Centred Care, Privacy and Dignity, Fluids and Nutrition.

New Framework Consultation – Get involved!

If you would like to be included in the consultation process for development of the new Framework subjects and/or E-Learning do not hesitate to contact us. Further information and contact details are available from the Core Skills Training Framework web pages. Skills for Health provide a range of resources to support CSTF including our suite of CSTF compliant e-learning and the WIRED compliance tool. To find out more or to discuss any of these supporting resources, please contact your Regional Director here.