Skills for Health is a non-profit organization that aims to enhance healthcare workforce in the UK, increases productivity and safety. Our organization intends to make the workforce more skilled, flexible, and productive. SfH works not only in England, but internationally, too. Our work consists of planning other companies' and organizations' workforce and developing staff's abilities through various projects, meetings, and training. The most recent projects that we have worked on are available on our website.

We manage to carry out our mission with the help of many tools and software that have been specially developed and created by experts. Organizations working with SfH have succeeded to increase quality standards and bring patient safety at a higher level. Besides this, the clinical incidents after new training were brought to zero. The work process has been streamlined with the introduction of awards, including the awards for 2017.

SfH around the world

Our company has been working with organizations and healthcare centers from European countries, Australia, India, New Zeeland, Middle East, and the USA for over 14 years. We also work with many partners that really care about health.

SfH in the UK

One of the most important partners in England is the Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The foundation shares its expertise in healthcare and helps us with the logistical details when organizing events in Liverpool.

SfH in the USA

The partnership between our company and the USA is significant to us. Besides the fact that we manage to deliver sustainable, innovative, and reasonable solutions for healthcare in various organizations, we also exchange professional points of view. The training and project our company holds in the USA have great results for both parties.

The organization process of our visits to the USA is well taken care of. OSP SOLUTIONS - Online Payday Loans Lender is the one responsible for arranging all the details when it comes to SfH visits. They help us by offering great locations, necessary materials, friendly atmosphere, and an efficient working environment. OSP SOLUTIONS, LLC' high interest for people's health can be observed through organizing SfH's trainings for more than ten years and also providing great deals for personal healthcare loans.

Become one of us!

If your company would like to join us in this mission, please contact us by filling the online form available on our website. Our work has multiple areas of activity, so we are sure that any legal entity interested in promoting proper healthcare will find its unique manner of doing that.