Image: Logo Quality Mark.It has a dedicated Stoke Training team, who deliver stroke-specific training and qualifications to health and social care professionals, volunteers and carers working with stroke survivors.

The challenge

Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the UK, and training provision is a competitive and commercial industry. Stroke Training’s challenge is how to stand out in this crowded marketplace as a team of experienced practitioners who understand patient pathways and provide consistently high quality training and learning in all areas of stroke care.

The team wanted to achieve Skills for Health’s Quality Mark – a nationally recognised award – as proof of their ability to offer the best available training.

The Skills for Health Quality Mark is delivered through the National Skills Academy for Health. It defines and endorses high standards of learning and training, enabling health and social care employers to benefit from a world-class workforce.

How they did it

Quality Mark assessment process focuses on best practice. The process includes on-site visits and teaching observations, along with interviews with trainers, learners and employers, and stakeholder surveys. Documentary evidence and records are also evaluated.

Stroke Training completes the Government’s Customer Service Excellence award each year and already had much of the required evidence in place. In addition, they made videos of training sessions and asked their trainers, students and course delegates to fill in survey forms.

The team were supported by a Skills for Health advisor who guided them through the process.

Image: Stroke patient and carer.

“Our Quality Mark provides us with the evidence that the training we provide is of high standard, and is based on current best practice guidelines and research.”

Cate Burke, Head of Stroke Training

The outcomes

  • Stroke Training, part of the Stroke Association, became the first charity to receive the Skills for Health Quality Mark.
  • All of the team’s training programmes are endorsed by the Quality Mark.
  • Stroke Training can now demonstrate a benchmark which puts them ahead of other training providers in the marketplace.
  • Stroke Training constantly strives to learn and improve, and the Quality Mark assessment enabled the team to reflect on what they do, and whether they could do it differently.

The Stroke association provides help and support to anyone who is affected by stroke.

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