Image: Wired logo.Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust used WIRED, the new web-based tool offered by Skills for Health, to export data from their HR system (ESR) and Learning Management System (OLM) to quickly create a wide range of high quality compliance reports, helping them save time and money.

Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust (HRCH) provides community services in the London boroughs of Hounslow and Richmond Upon Thames. The Trust was formed following a merger of the community services in both boroughs, previously run by Richmond PCT and Hounslow PCT. Whilst both Trusts used ESR as their current way of reporting, Richmond used AT Learning as their Learning Management System (LMS) whereas Hounslow used OLM.

It was decided that OLM would be used across the entire organisation and the Trust looked into how best to produce its Statutory & Mandatory Compliance Reports. Hounslow used to extract the data from OLM and used Access to manipulate the data to produce the reports. Having merged the data it was found that the current way of reporting no longer worked and the person that originally built and managed the complex Access database had left. It was quickly decided that a new reporting solution was needed.

Image: Using Wired.

The Challenge
With the merged data sets and no compliance reporting tool that worked, HRCH identified the following related issues:

  • Difficult to identify who needed what training and therefore having to guess when commissioning training.
  • Difficult to schedule training.
  • Inaccurate reporting – was suggesting 60-70% compliance when in the end it was proven to be closer to 50%.
  • Data was not clean or easily visible.
  • Learning & Development staff did not know how to use OLM properly which contributed to data anomalies.
  • No single person was responsible for the data and reporting and a lot of temporary staff were used.

The Solution
Having realised the urgency and importance of getting the data in OLM cleaned up, having quality processes and producing accurate and reliable reports, HRCH started to look for solutions. After hearing about WIRED from colleagues at West Middlesex University Hospital Trust who had experienced similar challenges with producing reports out of OLM and were now successfully using WIRED, HRCH chose WIRED.

Key benefits and features of WIRED

  • Faster, reliable report production
    • Exports data from any existing HR, elearning and Learning Management Systems, including ESR and OLM.
    • Significantly reduces the time spent developing compliance reports.
    • Eliminates unnecessary questions and excuses.
    • Instant reports available as evidence of regulatory compliance e.g. for the Care Quality Commission and others.
  • Higher levels of compliance
    • Experience shows compliance increased and has been maintained.
    • Lower NHS LA Premiums (or premiums kept low).
    • Contributes to enhanced patient safety.
  • Only train workers that need it, when they need it
    • Reduces time spent duplicating training.
    • Reduces operational costs (e.g. reducing “avoidable waste”).
    • Improves patient safety.
  • Significant cost savings
    • Reduced duplication of training.
    • Lower NHS Litigation Authority premiums.
  • Enables more effective compliance culture
    • Individuals can view and manage their own statutory and mandatory compliance.
    • WIRED reports are instantly available to all managers.
    • Line managers can now take responsibility, and be accountable.
  • Reduce Learning & Development costs
    • No more time wasted chasing people.
    • Accurate planning.
    • Focus on lowest possible costs delivery.

Within weeks and an investment of a few thousand pounds, WIRED was up and running and H&R began to see the benefits.

HRCH worked closely with the Subject Matter Experts and Line Managers to customise the reports that they wanted and needed. They implemented one subject at a time which helped to get the Trust Board and Senior Management support for the project and then each month the reports got better and better and more subjects were covered.

Results of WIRED installation at HRCH

  • Within a few months 6 subjects were live, with Subject Matter Experts taking responsibility for their data quality and Line Managers starting to chase up compliance rates.
  • HRCH now have 18 training reports available for managers and staff to view.
  • Learning & Development now focuses on providing the right training courses to the right people at the right time and reducing non-utilisation of capacity and “Do Not Attends”.
  • Looking to simplify online booking of training and enforcing a policy of no other training allowed unless all Statutory and Mandatory subjects are up to date.
  • Incredibly flexible product to use.
  • HRCH are now more confident that they will achieve a higher NHS LA Level and save money on premiums.
  • Saved time and money in many more ways.

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