20th May 2016 Written by Janine Wilson

Image: Why is Learning at Work so important?Janine Wilson, Training and Development Manager writes about the importance of learning at work, for Learning at Work Week.

When I look back to my time at school, I often reminisce about how I could not wait to leave education and start earning a living.

What I did not realise at the time is that leaving compulsory education was only the beginning of my learning life.

Over the 12 years I have worked at Skills for Health I have continued to learn, often on a daily basis, as part of, working life. In some cases, this has been through the completion of courses and qualifications required for me to be able to progress from an apprentice to Training manager. In other cases this has been through access to guidance and support by shadowing colleagues who ion different areas of the business or how have more experience in different aspects of the role.

My most recent learning experience has helped me to develop my management style and for this I have worked closely with a mentor. The mentoring support I have received has been invaluable. It has provided me with the opportunity to discuss “real life” situations and different approaches to managing the situation. This has helped me to develop my confidence and the support I can provide to my team.

Skills for Health, The National Skills Academy for Health and Skills for Justice are passionate about supporting the skills development for internal staff as well as employers and employees in each of the sectors. This week we have a host of activities and promotional offers.

“We actively support and encourage learning at work and welcome this week as an opportunity to promote these ideas and offer opportunities to our staff and our stakeholders”
John Rogers – Chief Executive

“During this week we will be running a number of development opportunities for our staff through formal face to face training, informal webinars and dedicated personal learning time as part of our ongoing approach to organisational training and development”
Christina Pond - Executive Director – Core Contracts & Policy

Learning at Workweek is a great opportunity to get the whole organisation involved in a range of activities at one time. I am going to be taking full advantage by completing my PRINCE2 training. I hope you all have fun.