27th April 2016 Written by Skills for Health

Image: New primary care courses.We’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new suite of e-Learning courses. Delivered in partnership with the National Skills Academy for Health, they’ve been developed specifically for GPs and those working in primary care practices, by those who will benefit from them, and we’re really rather proud of the outcome.

Here are five reasons why you should invest in training:

1. They’re based on our existing courses but geared towards primary care

The foundations of the courses are tried, tested and come highly recommended. The fact that these new courses have been written specifically for primary care workers by those already working in the sector creates the perfect combination. Our GP and primary care audience is expanding rapidly and we fully intend to meet their demands, starting with e-Learning that better fits their needs.

2. All the courses are CSTF compliant

Though the new courses contain more original and bespoke content, they are all still Core Skills Training Framework compliant. This means that all staff across the sector will be trained to the same standard; and better yet, the courses contain an e-assessment module so that staff can demonstrate their knowledge from prior training.

3. The questions are aimed at GP’s and primary care workers rather than hospital staff

We think this is the best and most valuable feature of our new venture. We recognise the important and ever-growing role of the primary care and GP sectors, so we thought it was only right that the courses are completely and utterly bespoke to them. This means; updated images and videos, case studies relevant to their day to day routine, and learning scenarios based in a community setting; everything you need to make sure your training is as current and relevant as possible.

4. They are the most up to date and current courses available

Not only do they include all the latest government guidelines and reflect current procedures, but all courses will be updated whenever legislation changes to ensure they feature the most relevant content to date

5. They were developed with the help of experts

The new courses were developed by a panel of healthcare experts from the primary care and GP sectors. The group reviewed our existing courses and offered inside knowledge into what would work best for the sector; to which we listened, and think we’ve created a relevant solution. So, that’s our new e-Learning courses in a nutshell. If you need any more insight into the course offerings then you can find all the information you need here.

Happy learning!