19th April 2016 Written by Skills for Health

Since Skills for Health hit the ground running in 2002, we have worked hard to make sure our reputation precedes us. Understanding how our current and future customers perceive Skills for Health is really important to us, so we decided to ask them.

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350 health professionals from various sectors across the UK, including health providers or employers, education and training providers and social care providers gave us their honest feedback. And it’s made us feel rather proud of ourselves.

And here’s three key points to tell you why:

Image: Knowledgeable and trustworthy.1. We are recognised as knowledgeable and trustworthy

79% of respondents agreed that Skills for Health is knowledgeable making it the highest scoring buzzword. This was closely followed by trustworthy at 71%, due to our reputation and tendency to be up-to-date with all information. Confident and authoritative also scored highly making the overall perception of Skills for Health as an organisation largely positive.

We pride ourselves on working as part of the sector, keeping up to date with developments and being a thought leader, so it’s great to be recognised by 73% of respondents as the voice of employers.

However, 50% of respondents didn’t know we are a not-for-profit organisation; this is something we need to work. Our profits are spent on developing high quality, cost effective and efficient services to improve healthcare and the patient experience.

Image: Meeting the demands.2. We’re meeting the demands of the sector

78% of respondents said that they would be likely to purchase our eLearning courses, with National Occupational Standards coming in second. Two of our relatively new products, Leadership and Management and the Quality Mark were also popular choices.

The delivery of our products is crucial and we are continually working with experts within the sector to develop new products and services to meet demand. The fact that newer products are scoring so highly is a great sign.

Image: Highly recommended.3. We come highly recommended

We think we’ve saved the best ‘til last here;

A massive 80% of respondents said they would recommend our organisation to others, with an even higher 86% saying they would use Skills for Health again themselves in the future.

Speaks for itself.

We felt that it was important to find out what people think of us, and we’re glad we did. Not only does it give us reassurance that we are on the right track, but gives us the confidence to continue to develop our services to help develop an effective healthcare workforce.

Big thanks to everyone that took the time to fill in our survey.