05th April 2016 Written by Bryan Kessie – Head of Technical Development

Image: Doctors Rostering System.Last Updated: 5th April
As the leading provider of junior doctor rostering, with over 15 years’ experience in ensuring safe and compliant working patterns for doctors, Skills for Health have been working closely with NHS Employers throughout the negotiations to ensure that the new system will be ready in place for the new contracts.

Doctors Rostering System 4 (DRS4) will be ready to allow trusts to analyse their current rotas against the new contractual hours and rest rules and quickly highlight any rotas which may need to be changed as a result of the new rules.

Skills for Health understand the workload associated with the introduction of the new junior doctors contract and we want to ensure that all staff are comfortable with the new system when it comes into play. Here is what you need to know about the new system and how to prepare for the new update:

When will the new DRS4 come into play?

The beta version of DRS4 is available now – our team is working with all our users to ensure a smooth transition to the new system. Further updates to DRS4 will be made during April as more clarification data is released from NHS Employers. We will continue to support our customers to ensure that DRS4 meets the needs of the organisation and the issuing of new contracts in the coming months.

Will DRS4 be compliant with the new contract?

Yes, the new system DRS4 is compliant with the new contract and has been developed in close co-operation with NHS Employers.

Is there an additional cost for DRS4?

There is no additional cost this year for any current DRS customer, through Skills for Health.

Image: DRS Image.

What support are you providing to existing users?

We will be running a number of regional training sessions, and the new system will be supported by guidance videos once everything is finalised. We will notify you once these will be live.

All users have been invited to sign up for a regional event – these events are running across the regions at present. See our website for more information.

What if my trust wants our own training session or other support?

We are able to offer on-site training and consultancy on trust’s existing rotas. This chargeable service can be tailored to include a mix of training, guidance on the new contract and analysis of existing rota patterns and how to update these to comply with the new contract.

What support would we get if switching from other providers (or not using anything)?

All new DRS customers would get two days of on-site support and unlimited web/phone support to help on-board them. If more help is needed a quote for a full support package can be given.

Will DRS4 do exception reporting?

Yes, we will but we are waiting on the full detail of the process to be agreed by NHSE in the contract before we’re able to build this.

Will it do work schedules?

The rota work pattern is one part of the work schedule. We are working with NHSE to allow DRS to export a template work schedule once the full detail of this has been agreed by NHSE.

Will I need to re-input all my rotas?

No, as an existing DRS user we will migrate your existing published rotas from DRS3 to DRS4, and the system will flag up which ones are no longer compliant and which ones now require additional information.

What additional information will I need to put in DRS4?

Due to the way in which on-call will be paid, for any on-call duty trusts will need to make a prospective estimation of how much work will be done while on-call and the timing of this. DRS4 includes extra fields to capture this information.

If you are not currently using the Skills for Health Doctors Rostering System and would like to find out how easy and cost effective it is to switch, please contact:

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