11th March 2016 Written by Janine Wilson, Training and Development Manager

Image: Apprenticeship team.Janine Wilson, Training and Development Manager, writes a first person account of what goes on behind the scenes of placing apprentices in organisations.

The enquiry

It’s a Thursday afternoon in the Skills for Health office and Lucy, one of the contract team, has returned to her desk to an urgent telephone message from an employer.  The employer needs a vacancy filled as soon as possible due to changes in his team. After discussing different options they both decide this is a good opportunity for an apprentice. The employer needs the apprentice to start work as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, in the Training and Development team, Samantha, one of the assessors has been speaking to me about a group of pre-employment learners approaching the end of their programme who would like to start an apprenticeship programme. My team is keen to support the recruitment and delivery of this apprenticeship.

Two weeks on…

It has been two weeks since the initial phone call and the vacancy has now closed. Lucy is supporting the employer to interview the applicants. Two of the applicants are from Sam’s pre-employment programme. As part of the interview the applicants are asked questions to test their knowledge and skills relating to the job. Following the interviews, the employer has decided to take all three applicants due to some additional opportunities that have come up over the last few weeks.

Six months on…

Six months in and the learners are progressing well with their apprenticeship programme. Sam is delivering the learning and working with the employer to make sure that the learning is meeting the needs of the apprentice as well as the employer.  I have recently carried out a teaching observation of Sam delivering learning to the group and discussed progress with the employer who would like the apprentices to complete the next level once they are finished.

Believe in an Apprentice

We believe in the value an apprentice can bring to the organisation. All members of the team included in this blog started their career by completing an apprenticeship. Jade Duffy, at organisation 4 years manages the centre administration, Sam Karim at organisation for 7 years now a fully qualified teacher, Lucy Rouillon at the organisation for 11 years a contract manager in London supporting 21 subcontractors, Janine Wilson at organisation for 12 years now manages the training and development team.

Not bad work for a bunch of apprentices

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